Prema Yoga

What Is PremaYoga and How Can I Benefit from It?

Movement, Breath, and Transformation

Movement: Using Hatha Yoga as the primary foundation for our movements we learn to free ourselves from conditioned patterns. We create spaciousness and open back up to our fullest expression.

The Yoga classes and workshops are joyful, fun, freeing, supportive, transformative, and deeply healing.

Breath: Using Pranayama, Our Awareness, and Embodied Breath we  clear, heal, and embody ourselves. We use our breath to heal from the inside. We strengthen our immune system, realign our nervous system to peace,  become one with our bodies, quiet our busy minds, increase our understanding and awareness. We ultimately come home again, accessing our Sat Naam, or our Truth.

 Transformation: With guidance, support, wisdom, intuition, sacred space, we  are able to move through many years of psychological and conditioned holding. We look into, let go of, receive, and transform our lives. This is ultimately a spiritual practice.

These practices are a blend of Premalisa’s 30 plus years as a yogini, meditator, and intuitive healer. She has profound insight, and deep intuition, offering her students  support  and healing. Her comittment to your individual growth and  sensitivity to your individual journey is apparent.

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